Correct-A-Bill is the leading rebiller of low paid  insurance claims for providers of mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse treatment centers. They assist in recovering the revenue that is rightfully owed to these centers by insurance companies who did not pay full amounts due to errors in billings. With a team of analytical experts, Correct-A-Bill has built a proprietary technology to identify, rebill, and fix low paying insurance claims. By remaining focused solely on the Behavioral Health Sector, Correct-A-Bill helps centers that fit its client profile. Their hyper focus allows them to be the best at what they do and give their clients peace of mind. Correct-A-Bill has recaptured millions of dollars in lost revenue for Behavioral Health Centers

While not new to the medical billing industry, capturing lost revenues through rebilling insurance companies is a relatively new, but burgeoning industry. In only a few years hundreds of millions of dollars have been recaptured by correcting mistakes on billing errors. Already with a book of business, Correct-A-Bill, as the industry leader, needed to quickly capitalize on the immense industry growth. SpringSEO was contracted to develop their online presence through development of a new and informative website, as well as implement a massive SEO strategy to allow the site, business, and industry to be found among a plethora of medical billing firms.  This newly designed website allows their solutions to be understood and to effectively generate new business. SpringSEO was also engaged to develop a brand and logo package for this firm.