E-Lux Electric Bikes

E-Lux Electric Bikes in Costa Mesa, CA is  the leading manufacturer for electric motorized bicycles in the United States. Founded and developed in 2014 by partners Jerry Bridgeman and JP Blake, E-Lux bicycles brings the fun, adventure and mobility of electric bikes to the masses with their multiple award winning designs. In the industry for over 10 years, Jerry and JP have become known as providing quality products for those who enjoy being in the outdoors but wanting the freedom to overcome limitations such as distance, terrain, weather, or even health issues like bad knees. Their electric bikes have a range over 30 miles and go 25 mph! Already successful in distributing their bikes throw an expansive Western United States dealer network, the team was ready to implement their own online retail presence and become a nationwide brand in the electric bike industry. E-Lux Bikes was initially launched online via a Wix developed website by the owners own creation.

Now the company is focused on expanding the reach of these great bikes both geographically across the nation and by providing a way to purchase the products online. E-Lux Bikes asked SpringSEO to conduct an SEO audit and enhance the organic search results for the website while in addition, provide professional fine tuning to the design of the site. Secondarily, the site is being developed into an E-Commerce platform that allows clients to order directly online the exact E-Lux Electric Bicycle that they want.  SpringSEO was happy to achieve the look and feel for what the E-Lux team desired. We were also pleased to see the new site rise from the depths of Google search results to 1st page rankings on a number of desired keyword searches. Through a number of SEO tactices, including meta tagging, Google submissions and optimizations, as well as technical website improvements, E-Lux Bikes is seeing quick results and gaining in the online space for electric bikes.  We look forward to helping you on your company’s site as well!