Esperanza Azteca

Through music education, Esperanza Azteca SpringSEO Client Site | Esperanza Azteca Website Previewinspires children to reach their highest potential. Launched in 2014, Esperanza Azteca LA is the first American chapter of the youth orchestra program which includes 82 youth orchestras throughout Mexico and El Salvador. The Los Angeles orchestra currently has 198 musicians from diverse backgrounds, between the ages of 6 and 17 who attend various schools in the Cypress Park area of Los Angeles. The organization helps bridge the gaps budget cuts have left in public school arts education. They offer a high-caliber music program to kids who otherwise might never have access to it. As a young non-profit with a large mission, Esperanza Azteca is constantly looking for sponsorship, donor and student participation.

Recognizing the strong story they had, the Executive Director engaged SpringSEO to develop a new website that would effectively, meaningfully and visually tell the Esperanza Azteca story. They needed to showcase their orchestra’s accomplishments and where it was headed. They also needed for their new web presence to be readily found in the dizzying array of non-profits in Los Angeles County. Only a successful SEO campaign allowing all of their pages to be easily found would work. Esperanza Azteca now is able reach out to community leaders, potential donors and deserving youth and engage them with a beautiful online presence.