EZ Beach Rentals

SpringSEO Client - EZ Beach Rentals Website PreviewEZ Beach Rentals provides bike, surfboard, and related beach gear rentals to visitors and residents of Newport Beach, CA. Founded in 2012, the company sought a way to differentiate itself from the competitive rental business in the community. To do this they launched their business as the first rental service in the area to ever provide free delivery and pickup of all of its products. In the end, this was a huge change to the whole bike and beach gear rental industry in Newport Beach. Many of EZ Beach’s brick and mortar competitors adopted the delivery practice after seeing what a success it was and how many clients wanted the service. In the beginning for a new business however, the challenge was how to get noticed among so much competition.

Noting how the majority of this seasonal business was generated from out of town visitors, emphasis was placed upon enabling tourists doing research on their destination (Newport Beach) to be able to find EZ Beach online before finding their competitors. SpringSEO assisted with bringing EZ Beach to the forefront of tourists online searches when researching their vacation plans. Tweaks to the website were made. Significant SEO work was engaged in. New brochures, magnets, and flyers were produced. These helped build the EZ Beach brand in Newport over time, but during their first season in business they needed more immediate results. While working on the other marketing strategies, SpringSEO employed an aggressive, but cost effective PPC campaign that drove enough business to EZ Beach to become profitable with a 160% ROI.