Gravee: Cause

Gravee: is a uniqueSpringSEO Client - Gravee: Cause Website Preview brand that offers opportunities for actors, athletes, musicians, artists and their fans to align and support causes that are close to them. The company enables these champions a voice to bring their support to a larger audience. Gravee: produces apparel which is promoted by Ambassadors, who in turn contribute proceeds from the sale of merchandise to their charitable cause. Ambassador’s apparel is only available for limited time frames and not available anywhere else, but through Gravee:. By connecting fans to the talent they love through vast social media networks, the company enables them to support causes that are close to each of them. Their support, through the branding of apparel allows millions of fans to do the same. By connecting the dots between charities and causes with celebrities, musicians, athletes and every day people considerable impacts are made for needy causes.

Gravee: Cause approached Spring SEO prior to launching their new brand and concept to help design, storyboard and envision an online presence that would capture the essence of their charitable endeavors while respecting the desires of celebrities and their fans. Through a detailed storyboard process of theme development Spring worked with the client to achieve a look that was unique to them and the charitable giving community. Spring SEO helped launch the new brand with effective website design, lightening fast web development and superior coding. Allowing thousands of same time online purchases to be made, Spring SEO integrated a robust shopping portal and e-commerce platform.

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