HPR Labs

HPR Laboratories offers substance abuse and  pharmacogentic testing products and services for a multitude of settings such as hospitals, physician offices, criminal justice agencies, workplace, rehabilitation centers, occupational health clinics, and homes. HPR Labs originated when it’s founders, working in the health sector, became dissatisfied with the level of service they received from their laboratory service providers. Developing their own lab not only to expedited the processing of their own samples but also provided assistance in laboratory services to their colleagues and affiliates in the healthcare business. Today, HPR Laboratories, is a leading clinical solutions company that strives to improve health outcomes and patient care by assisting providers to mitigate risk in treating substance misuse and abuse disorder through prevention, testing, and compliance.

HPR Labs has a long reputational history and had always generated new business through referrals and a handshake. As with all businesses, the modern world has caught up with this powerhouse lab. Not only were they losing out to potential new business because of their poor to non-existent online presence, they found themselves losing bids with established clients because competitors were able to show beautiful representations of completed works. SpringSEO was contracted to develop a new website that would effectively, meaningfully and visually showcase the services HPR Labs provides. This simple, but slickly designed website allows their toxicology and laboratory experts to effectively sell business and very readily explain a complex array of services and solutions. SpringSEO was also engaged to develop a brand and logo package for this firm.