Lido WoodCraft

Lido WoodCraftSpringSEO Client Lido Woodworks presented the classic American business tale. A couple of guys building things for fun in a garage, wanted to turn their creations into a real business. Lido WoodCraft builds beautiful reclaimed wood and salvaged material products for home and businesses. These guys seem to be able to build anything with a hammer and saw, but flyers at community centers was not producing sales. As a start-up business, they needed an inexpensive and cost-effective way to allow potential customers to find their products.

SpringSEO designed and built a fully integrated eCommerce shopping website that is simple to use. This enables the business partners to add and update products on their own. Recognizing that the products Lido WoodCraft create are unique and often made to order, SpringSEO linked the company and its website to number of shopping portals and social media resources that specialize in custom creations. These two enhancements, especially integration with Etsy and Pinterest, enabled customers to find them and spread the word about the wonderful creations they make. Now Lido WoodCraft is no longer a garage start-up, but a fully functional business with the great challenge of meeting demand for its products.