Liquid Balance Board

Liquid Balance E-commerce website previewBoard is redefining the way people cruise, commute and have fun. Traveling on one their self balancing hoverboards is the way of the future. Some of the hippest trendsetters, stars and athletes have jumped at the opportunity to own one. The technology is state of the art, they are eco-friendly and the cool factor…well that’s over the top! Liquid is one of the most trusted names in the self-balancing board industry. Liquid offers a wide range of hip, high-quality, durable and stylish balance boards. Whether you are looking to commute, cruise, or just show off your killer skills, Liquid Boards are the only way to roll.

The self balancing hoverboard industry is new to the commercial marketplace and has recently taken off with many competing brands looking to break through. Liquid approached SpringSEO with the request to create a one of a kind, lifestyle driven brand and ecommerce website. Further they needed to hit the ground running… or rolling as it is! To get out in front of other competitors. After several meetings with the Liquid team, SpringSEO created and implemented their vision into a full-service e-commerce website, complete with cart, ordering, purchasing, and fulfillment capabilities. The site also integrates reviews, favorites and a lifestyle section of their team riders. SpringSEO utilized its experience in both online shopping strategies, social media marketing, and long term SEO campaigns to successfully bring Liquid Balance Board to first page placement in the keyword searches they desired.