Molon Labe

2A Molon Labe is an SpringSEO Client - 2A Molon Labe Website Previewextension of Mimi’s Jewelry located in Fountain Valley, CA. Created by custom jeweler David Truong, the beautiful, custom hand-crafted Molon Labe Rings were designed as a true way to stand out and display support of 2nd Amendment rights. The Molon Labe Ring took a year to design and develop.  The rings achieve the highest quality production possible, using the purest blends of sterling silver and/or 14kt gold and using a design that reflects the historical power of its contemporary sentiment.  Once Mr. Truong had finished design, development and creation of this beautiful patriotic ring, he wanted the masses to be able to appreciate it. The rings had a following on many forums frequented by David, patriotic jewelry aficionados, and 2nd amendment advocates. 2A Molon Labe was initially launched a Wix developed website by the owners own creation.

Now the company is focused on expanding the reach of this new jewelry piece both geographically across the nation and by providing a way to purchase the products online. 2A Molon Labe asked SpringSEO to conduct an SEO audit and enhance the organic search results for the website while in addition, provide professional fine tuning to the design of the site. Secondarily, the site is being developed into an E-Commerce platform that allows clients to order and customize directly online the exact 2A Molon Labe Ring that they want.  SpringSEO was happy to achieve the look and feel for what Mr. Truong desired. We were also pleased to see the new site rise from the depths of Google search results to 1st page rankings on a number of desired keyword searches. We look forward to helping you on your company’s site as well!