Newport Medical and Wellness Center


Newport MedicalWebsite Preview of Newport Med Center | SpringSEO Client | SEO, Web, PPC and Wellness Center, founded in 2007, has been committed to excellence through a unique, multi-disciplinary team of healthcare practitioners. Over 4,000 patients are in their family practice. Newport Medical and Wellness Center has a vision of an integrated medical and wellness center where patients/clients could be comfortably treated for a medical problem, prevent future medical issues, maintain a healthy/active lifestyle, as well as improve his/her physical appearance. Over the years, Newport Med Center has grown to offer an array of services to their patients, from traditional family medicine and physical therapy to laser services and med spa treatments and even tattoo removal and IV hydration therapies.

For years, Dr. John LaLonde, Medical Director of Newport Medical and Wellness Center and its subsidiaries, had relegated the main center’s website to the back burner. It was rarely updated or maintained. The past site developers had let the site languish with old technology and service. SprinSEO was contracted to provide a website update along with monthly service to update and maintain the site. Now the Newport Medical and Wellness Center website is providing the 1000s of patients consistent and up to date information of the many services provided by the health care center. Sometimes a little attention goes a long way.