Web Watch Deals

SpringSEO Client - Web Watch Deals Website PreviewAs a new eCommerce business in the Summer of 2014, Web Watch Deals launched into the competitive world of online product sales, selling hundreds of brand-name watches. They had an eCommerce platform build their product website, but no one was visiting. After analyzing site, SpringSEO immediately saw areas that would turn things around. The site was built to sell, but not built to be found. Our team made SEO improvements to the site and to each of its hundreds of products. For an eCommerce site, however that is not nearly enough. High-volume multiple product online businesses need to have their products be found on the many shopping networks, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the many shopping aggregator sites. SpringSEO created all of the product campaigns and enabled a seamless integration strategy for the non-technical business owners to control their marketing without having to learn the Google/Bing/etc. marketing world too in depth.